Starting with version 1.5, BillTracker automatically backs up your data when you make a change. These backups are only stored on your device so it's recommended that you occasionally copy a backup file off your device for safekeeping.
Here's the steps for saving a backup file:
  1. Go to the More tab and tap Backup.
  2. Tap the first backup (which is the most recent) and you'll have the option of sending the backup file in an email.
  3. You can simply send the email to yourself by entering your own address in the To: field.
  4. Once you've emailed the backup to yourself you can access it from your computer.

To restore from a backup file:
  1. On your device, go to Mail and find the email containing your backup (or if you've saved the backup on your computer, email it to yourself). You can also use an app like Dropbox to store and access your backup files.
  2. Tap the backup file and iOS will offer to open it in BillTracker.
  3. BillTracker will prompt if you would like to restore to the backup.
  4. Tapping Restore will replace the BillTracker data with the data in the backup file.